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Is your business still performing at Great Recession levels? During the Great Recession, business performance, expressed in revenue per employee, fell an average of almost 16%. Despite the evident economic recovery, firms have not re-gained the performance levels from the periods before the Great Recession. Your business needs to perform better. It is a success key factor. With our proven methods, we assist you at re-gaining the level of performance that will bring you permanence in the market and organic growth.

Average Revenue per Employee and Firm's Stage (2013 statistics)
Metropolitan Statistical Area1Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3AR/E Change2
Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville$79,120$86,934$95,766-12.9%
Sebastian-Vero Beach70,124100,27680,075-14.4%
Port St. Lucie75,00082,77995,083-16.1%
Volusia County$73,808$78,879$101,377-14.0%

Hence, while any increase in revenue per employee (R/E) is commendable and desirable, if the percent increase is below what your target market is slowly gaining, then your company is under-performing. Even worse, although your revenue increase, your "bottom line" may not be increasing. Moreover, you will be playing "catch up" with your competitors. In either case, we will be glad to provide our services.

On the other hand, you need to find out not only what you are doing correctly, but also in what aspects there is room for improvement. We can also assist you in this process. Our services approach to devising timely and practical strategies, to trimming your cost structure, to updating your business model will put your business in the right track to accelerated performance improvement altogether.
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1  Source: Your Economy. Figures were calculated by dividing the total revenue in each stage by
   the total number of employees.

2  Firms' Stages: 1 = 2-10 employees; 2 = 11-99 employees; 3 = 100-499 employees.
   AR/E = average revenue per employee (2009-2013)